Al DeCesaris is a dynamic speaker who motivates, empowers, educates, and entertains audiences. Using his extraordinary athletic endeavors as examples, Al delivers an uplifting message of inspiration and hope, and demonstrates how we all have the power to make a difference through charitable work. His audiences are motivated and empowered to find their purpose, go the distance for those in need, and create positive change in the world!

Speaking Topics

Find your Purpose

Al encourages audiences to find that intangible thing that gives their life meaning and drives them

Discover The Power & Necessity Of Belief

Al shows that to accomplish our goals we must believe in ourselves and in our actions

Realize Greatness Lies Within Us All

Al reveals how with our God-given abilities we can achieve the seemingly impossible

Use Adversity To Your Advantage

Al asserts that we will all face adversities in life, and we can – and should – use these experiences to our advantage

Make A Difference

Al demonstrates we all have the power – and a duty – to leave the world better than we found it

Reap The Benefits Of Giving Back

Al explores the amazing benefits of giving back and helping those in need through charitable work
Last spring I had the unique pleasure of listening to Al speak to the graduating class of St. Mary’s. It is not easy getting the attention of Seniors, especially those that are in their last week of high school, but Al delivered a message that was on target, giving the seniors worthwhile “food for thought”. He was able to relate back to his senior year and to the feelings that young people face at that important juncture in their lives. Al didn’t talk about his undergraduate or postgraduate studies nor about being a successful attorney. Instead he talked about having a passion and the drive, fueled by a personal challenge related to his niece’s struggles with Sturge-Weber Syndrome. His dedication and passion motivated him to make a difference and in his quest to increase awareness he raised over a million dollars for research. His inspiring message resonated with the alumni and they walked away, inspired by Al and knowing that they too, can accomplish anything.
Dan Cowdrey, President of St. Mary's Alumni Association

Workshop Topics

How To Build A Successful Charitable Campaign

How To Make Volunteerism Work For You

How To Set-Up And Run A Nonprofit

How to Organize and Direct a Charitable Event

We’d collectively like to thank Al DeCesaris for his excellent presentation. As a service organization, we routinely hear heartwarming stories from extraordinary people doing great work in the community. In Al’s case, we not only learned details about Sturge-Weber Syndrome, but also marveled at his dogged determination to spread the word through his bicycling journey… We applaud Al for his efforts and urge him to continue the fight in seeking a cure.
Rotary Club of South Anne Arundel County, MD

Al DeCesaris is available nationwide for keynote speeches, seminars, workshops, training, and consulting. He customizes his presentations to meet his clients’ specific needs.

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Al developed a skills class for (Loyola University) law school students that focused on how to genuinely love what you do. He freely discussed the importance of giving back to community, pursuing your passion and finding work/life balance. It is evident Al is a lawyer who cares and is willing to share his time with law students to show them a better way to practice.
Christine Cerniglia Brown, Assistant Clinical Professor
In 2013, Jenna’s Uncle Al was biking across the country from the coast of California to the coast of Maryland. On his way to Ocean City, Maryland, he stopped by Davidsonville Elementary to speak with the students in Jenna’s 4th grade class. Al came and shared his amazing story of crossing the United States by bicycle. The students loved it! They were amazed that he had ridden his bike across the U.S. He spoke to the students about perseverance and answered all of their questions. He was an inspiration to all! The students were in awe of this great journey! Al also spoke of Sturge Weber and why he felt he needed to ride for Jenna. It was a great experience to meet Al and hear about his inspirational journey!
Diane C. Barry, ECI Teacher